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Autumn Watts

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Literary Editing 
Academic Editing 
Workshops and Consultation
Start-to-Finish Support

Need a second pair of eyes, or want to improve your writing overall? From polishing a draft to rethinking the structure or making the writing cleaner, tighter, and more vivid, I can help you take your work to the next level. 


My editing services include:

  • Academic articles

  • Novels and short stories

  • PhD dissertations and Master's theses

  • Personal statements 

  • Cover letters

  • C.V.s and resumes


Coaching & Consultation


Even the most experienced writers can struggle with their work, and often draw on other writers for encouragement and feedback. Whether you want to get unstuck on a project, develop your ideas, benefit from one-on-one mentoring, or just need an eagle-eyed proofreader, I'm happy to support and guide you at every stage. As a writer, I understand your pain! As an editor, I bring a penetrating, experienced perspective to help you shape and refine your work.


In addition to editing, I offer private video chat sessions and individual courses tailored to your needs and to your schedule, and for all levels of experience: from published authors to novice writers and anywhere in between. I also have extensive experience helping writers working in English as a second language. 

Whether you're writing fiction, poetry, a personal essay, a thesis or dissertation, or an academic article, I can help you develop and clarify your ideas, improve the grace and power of your writing, and cultivate your own unique voice.  

To learn more about Coaching or Consultation services, please click here.



Need a second pair of eyes, or want to improve your writing overall? From polishing a draft to rethinking the structure or making the writing cleaner, tighter, and more vivid, I can help you take your work to the next level. 


My editing services include:

  • Academic articles

  • Novels and short stories

  • PhD dissertations and Master's theses

  • Personal statements 

  • Cover letters

  • C.V.s and resumes



Need a fresh pair of eyes or want to improve your writing overall? Unsure how to format citations correctly in APA, MLA, or another academic convention? Stuck on writing plot or developing character?


From polishing a draft to rethinking the structure, jumpstarting your story, or making your writing cleaner, tighter, and more powerful, I can help you lift your work to the next level. 


My editing services include:   

      +  PhD dissertations

      +  Master's theses

      +  Personal statements      

      +  Academic articles

      +  Medical articles

      +  Novels and short stories

      +  Creative nonfiction

      +  Screenplays

      +  Cover letters

      +  CVs and resumes

      +  Website content 


My editing follows the Professional Editorial Standards of the Editor's Association of Canada and the Code of Ethics  of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.

I do not edit the work of students submitted for a course; instead, I offer tutorial feedback as would be provided in a typical university writing center.


For graduate students, I follow the EAC's Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Theses / Dissertations to ensure my support complies with university policy. All thesis and dissertation editing is conducted with full transparency and according to an Editing Agreement signed by your thesis or dissertation supervisor.


From start to finish - up until the very last moment you turn in your thesis, dissertation, article, contest entry, or admissions essay - I offer live chat throughout the editing process for ongoing questions, updates, moral support (!), and any last minute changes to your manuscript. I'll be cheering you on all the way to the finish line. 

To learn more about Literary and Academic Editing rates and services, including institutional and university discounts, please click here.

Academic Integrity


I offer custom seminars for small groups on a variety of writing topics - taught on location or online. Whether for a university, a business, a school, or a writing group, writing workshops are an enjoyable and interactive way to improve writing in a community environment. 

My workshops are drawn from over 12 years of experience designing courses and teaching at top-tier universities, including Cornell University, University College London-Qatar, and Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, and for government organizations, including the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Industry in Turkey, and the Qatar Heritage and Identity Centre. 


Past topics include:

        +  Publishing Academic Articles      

  • +  Business Communication             

  • +  Writing Research Papers         

  • +  Revision Strategies                

  • +  Developing a Thesis                         

  • +  The Personal Statement

  • +  Grammar Bootcamp                   

+  Creative Writing

+  Muscular Writing

+  Precision and Poetry

+  Oral Storytelling

+  Developing Character

+  Writing About Place

+   Flash Fiction 

These are just some of the workshops I offer. For more information or to inquire about a topic, please request a quote.

Start-to-Finish Support





+   Proofreading

+   Correcting spelling, punctuation,

     and grammar errors

+   Formatting and cross-checking 

     references and/or manuscript         per publisher or academic   




+   Proofreading

+   Correcting spelling, punctuation,

     and grammar errors

+   Formatting and cross-checking 

     references and/or manuscript         per publisher or academic   


+   Live Start-to-Finish support



+   Includes Light Editing

+   Line editing for style, flow, 

     conciseness, and clarity

+   Tailored checklist of common 

     authorial ticks or errors for

     future improvement

+   Live Start-to-Finish support

  • Includes Proofreading 

  • Line editing for style, flow, conciseness, and clarity

  • Personalized checklist of common patterns of error for improvement




+   Includes Light Editing and

     Stylistic Editing

+   Editing for content and structure

+   Developmental feedback over

     multiple drafts

+   Live Start-to-Finish support



+   Tailored one-on-one mentoring for a specific

      project, writing goal, or personal

      writing development

+   Can include writing prompts and exercises,

     guidance and feedback on work-in-progress,

     and live video chats

+   Flexible sessions, discount packages, and

     custom course plans available

+   Live Start-to-Finish support



+   Developmental feedback on a novel, short story,

     memoir, or other creative project 

+   Guidance on publishing (self or traditional), writer's

     conferences and residencies, agent queries, journal

     submissions, and other common questions

+   Can be combined with Coaching and Consultation


+   Live Start-to-Finish support


Please contact me with a brief description of your needs, including topic, duration, location, and age and number of participants for a quotation.


If you are a university student or faculty member, a discounted rate applies - just ask! I'm happy to find a way to accommodate your budget.

I also offer institutional discounts for referrals from writing centers, faculty development programs, professional organizations, and government agencies. Establishing an institutional relationship with me means I can closely follow your style guides, academic integrity policies, learning contracts, course syllabi, or other policies, and tailor my collaborative support to your institution's unique, precise needs. 

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University & Institution Discount


Autumn Watts is a fiction editor for Guernica Magazine, an award-winning global journal of art and politics. She has taught writing at Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar, where she also directed the Writing Center. Her writing has been published in Words Without BordersGuernicaAGNI, Indiana Review, and Desert Voices, among others; chosen as a "Notable Essay" in Best American Essays 2019; and selected for Best New Poets and the Wigleaf Top 50 (Very) Short Fictions. A recipient of scholarships from Bread Loaf Writer's Conference and the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley, she is a contributing author in The Craft of Editing and in Transnational Writing Program Administration (2017 Outstanding Book Award winner, Conference on College Communication and Composition), and co-editor of Constructing Qatar: Migrant Narratives from the Margins of a Global System. She has led several research grants on oral histories and traditions in the Arabian Gulf.  
Autumn loves teaching, reads voraciously, believes that writing can be both joyous and challenging, and is passionate about helping other writers achieve their best possible work. 
Selected Projects and Publications


Autumn is the perfect editor for any type of writing or text. She has a refined sensitive sense when it comes to editing. She is not a passive editor, but rather someone who makes sure to understand the meaning, significance and value of the writing piece to the writer. Her editing style does not interfere with the writer’s style; she proposes questions that encourage the writer to think beyond the written words to further elucidate his/her ideas or concept. This is one among the many ethics she displays when dealing with her clients. Writing became more fun and rewarding when fulfilling the many precise and thorough notes and spot-on comments as it helped me realize the reader’s point of view and adjust accordingly. Editing with Autumn is simply an "experience" to look forward to…
- Amani Abbara, Interior Designer
Ms Autumn was recommended to me through my medical college, and we corresponded over emails to work on improving my personal statement for residency applications. She looked through three revisions of my statement, until we were both satisfied with it. She offered thoughtful advice, helping me to make it clearer and more organized. She helped me see what could be omitted to adhere to my word limit. I felt that she understood how much the applications meant to me and was sincerely and incredibly supportive. Her help really made a difference!
- Geraldine Kong
Ms. Watts was amazing to work with, she helped me write my personal statements for both medical school and residency applications. I tried working with others, but she is absolutely the best, probably due to her years of experience helping premedical and medical students writing their personal statements. What I liked most about working with her is that my drafts will be full of red marks, and she makes it very clear that there will always be room for improvement. I went to her months in advance and based on her feedback I rewrote my personal statement 3 times and edited it at least 5 times. I learned a lot and got a great personal statement in the end. One that I take pride in because it was my work that I polished myself with her comprehensive guidance and feedback on every draft. Thank you very much Ms. Watts.
- Ameen, UH hospitals / Case Western University internal medicine program in Cleveland, Ohio.
Ms. Watts helped me so much in preparing my CV, she is an outstanding editor with attention to details, her response time is very quick and she is reachable at anytime.
- Dr. Ibrahim Fawzy Hassan, Critical Care Director 
It was amazing working with you on my masters application essay answers. You were super quick in responding and you were able to finish the proofreading before the time we agreed on. Also the notes you pointed were very helpful and I believe it improved my answers. I'd like to point out that your pricing is fair and reasonable and I truly appreciate that.
- Hissa Zainal
Autumn helped me refine and finalize my personal statement for my application to residency programs in the US. Even though the deadline was close and I had little time left when I first requested Autumn for help, Autumn went through my personal statement very thoroughly and offered excellent advice for improvement, all in time for the deadline. She answered my follow up questions in a timely manner as well, which I highly appreciate. Later, during the residency interviews, I also received positive feedback regarding my personal statement. Thanks for all your help Autumn!
- A.K., 4th-year medical student
It was great working with Autumn with my masters thesis. She gave me full support till the last minute of submission. It was perfect.
- RIZ, Qatar
Ms. Autumn helped me a lot in my postgraduate writing assignments. She was such a sweet, professional and caring person! I am still planning to get more of her great help for my current degree. Thank you.
- Fatema, Designer & Documentary Photographer, Qatar
Working with Autumn was a delight. She is a kind, generous, conscientious and gifted teacher.
- Kim A., New York, Fiction Writer
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